How to Lose Weight at Home - The Killer Approach

Many of you might be trying to find out how to lose weight at home, and I am definitely sure you must be thinking that by eating less, you lose more weight. I am going to prove it wrong. I am going to show you that eating less will only make you more and more overweight in the future. If you really want to know the proper way to lose weight at home, then you will continue reading further.

So far, the traditional approach to weight loss has been to simply reduce food consumption and marry the cardio machine. I have seen people jog in the treadmill for hours and I see them every day for many months, but I see no change. They even claim to eat so little. That little doesn't even come close my snack!

Yes, I do eat snacks, and it is actually part of my weight loss plan. So I am going to show you why eating less makes you fat in the long run and how you SHOULD be eating to lose weight the right way.

When you eat less, your body has no fuel for energy. So YOU probably think, your body is now going to pull out the fat from the body and use them as energy. But your body thinks different.

Your body thinks you are starving and that it should be STORING more fat to help you survive. Yes, your body has intelligence of its own, or you wouldn't be functioning the way you are... ;)

That doesn't mean you should be eating more... That is probably what leads to your obesity in the first place. BUT you should be eating more FREQUENTLY.

Let me put it this way. If you eat more than what your body requires, your body stores the excess energy as fat. If you starve yourself to lose weight, your body will slow your metabolism which means no fat burning again.

So the common sense is to eat frequently. Eat till your body says that you are not hungry anymore. And every three hours, eat again till your body says you are not hungry any more. It stores excess energy as fat so don't eat excessively.

In short, you should be eating 5-6 meals a day. Now that doesn't mean you should snacks like chips and cookies and stuff. You should eat healthy too.

If you want to lose weight at home, then you should not starve but eat more frequently and more healthy. Every single meal should contain lean protein like beans, chicken breasts and stuff. And your meal should be filled with fiber rich food like vegetables and stuff.

Grilled chicken salad is a healthy meal without the salad dressing which contains excessive fat by the way. Now that is the part about diets, but what about slow boring cardio? It is supposed to help you lose weight right? NOT REALLY!

It will help lose weight at first, but how long can you keep doing the cardio? 4 hours? 5 hours? It is just crazy and totally useless.

You should be focused on what is called the metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns fat. Eating more frequently with the right amount of protein and fiber will boost your metabolism 24 hours a day.

Slow boring cardio only increases your metabolism WHILE you are working out. I know a way you can increase your metabolism even while you sleep!

It is called interval training. Interval training has many meanings but in my view, it is the short cut and the super modified version of the antique cardio method. Interval training can be done with your own bodyweight, with dumbbells or barbells, or with cardio machines.

It is where you work at a level that boosts your heart rate so high, you go huff and puff in minutes. Example with the treadmill;

You warm-up for 5 minutes
Run as fast as you can at a higher level for one minute
Then reduce the level and slow down for another minute to catch your breath.
Run fast again for a minute and slow down the next minute.

Repeat that cycle 5-6 times and cool down for 5 minutes. You will feel so huffed and puffed, you will have a hard time breathing. It takes no more than 25 minutes and it blasts your metabolism through the roof. You even burn fat while you sleep. Now thats a workout! My advice to you is to try Fat Loss 4 Idiots because it shows you a more complete system on how to eat for weight loss without dieting.

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Eat Like an Athlete to Lose Weight

Exercise is excellent for weight loss, but it is most effective when it is combined with a proper diet. If you are trying to lose weight and are exercising regularly, you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts by not eating properly. Even the most strenuous exercise regime can be rendered ineffective if you not eating properly. Failure to eat properly hurts you in two ways. First of all, if you are not fueling your body properly, you may not have the energy for long or intense workouts. Secondly, if you are eating too much, you may not be going far enough into calorie deficit to promote weight loss. This article will discuss how carbohydrates, proteins and fats can also be part of a healthy weight loss program. However, before starting any weight loss program, you should consult with your doctor about your fitness and diet plans as well as the use of supplements in your diet.

To lose one pound of body weight, you have to expend 3500 more calories than you consume. This means you can lose one pound of body weight per week by creating a calorie deficit of 500 calories each day of the week. This can be accomplished by cutting 500 calories out of your diet, keeping your diet the same and burning off an additional 500 calories each day through exercise or by a combination of reducing your calorie intake and increasing your exercise to equal a 500 calorie deficit. The combination of reducing your calorie intake and exercising is ideal, especially if you are already consuming too many calories per day. This can help you to return to a healthy eating pattern while the exercises you perform will help to improve your cardiovascular health and tone your muscles.

Carbohydrates Fuel Your Workouts

Despite the popularity of diets high in protein and low in carbohydrates, most athletes do not follow this type of eating pattern. This is because low carbohydrate diets are often not sufficient for athletes who require increased amounts of energy to fuel their daily training sessions. If you want to train like a seasoned athlete, you should be mindful that you also need to eat like an athlete. This means you should be consuming healthy carbohydrates daily so you have enough energy to complete your workouts.

Choosing healthy carbohydrates such as multigrain breads, whole wheat pastas, oatmeal and other whole grains in addition to fruits and vegetables will help your body stay fueled throughout your workouts. However, over processed foods such as white breads and pastas made from white flower may result in weight gain because your body cannot use these nutrients as efficiently. They will help to fuel your workouts effectively, but because they are so highly processed, they do not cause your body to work very hard to digest and utilize these nutrients. As a result, you will not be enjoying the metabolic increase which accompanies the digestion of whole grain foods.

Consume Enough Protein Daily and at the Right Times

Protein consumption is very important for weight loss. You should be consuming enough protein each day to help you feel full, fuel your workouts and help your muscles to grow. Those who are trying to lose weight are wise to incorporate a source of protein in each meal and snack because protein helps them to feel more satiated. This feeling of satiety will keep you from feeling the urge to eat shortly after a meal or a snack. Proper protein consumption is also important if you are exercising to lose weight because the proteins you consume will help you to repair muscles damaged during high intensity workouts. Small muscle tears are an indication of an effective workout, but to enjoy the muscle growth which accompanies these types of workouts, you must consume the protein necessary to repair these muscle tears. The amount of protein you require will vary according to your current weight and lifestyle. If you live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, you should consume 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you live a rather active lifestyle and exercise regularly, you should consume 1.0-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Protein consumption is important during a fitness and weight loss routine, but it is not simply important to consume protein, you also need to ensure you are consuming protein at the right times. Protein should be a part of each of your meals and snacks, but it should also be a part of your post workout meal or snack as well. Ideally, you should consume a protein rich meal or snack within the first 90 minutes after your workout to facilitate muscle recovery.

Incorporate Healthy Fats Sparingly

Athletes realize that healthy fats are critical to an ideal diet. You should strive to consume moderate amounts of healthy fats. You can find these fats in items such as olive oil, avocado, salmon and nuts. The unsaturated fats found in these food items are considered healthy, but they are also typically high in calories, so it is important to only use these products sparingly to maintain a healthy diet. This will help you lose weight. It is generally recommended that no more than 20% of your daily calorie intake come from fats.

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Stop Binge Eating

Do you diet religiously for days, only to binge at the weekends or when you have an evening at home alone? It’s a very common problem and can ruin all the hard work you have done, by causing you to put on all the weight you have lost and perhaps even more.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The problem is, that having had a binge, you feel that all is lost and you are also so disgusted with yourself that you keep on eating and then you give up on the diet.

A better approach would be to accept that this is a situation which arises for many dieters and that one binging session does not mean you have failed.

Then ask yourself why you binged – was it because you had been too strict on your diet and had deprived yourself so much that you became really hungry or so bored with eating low calorie food that you just had to have something you enjoy?

Or did you binge because someone said something which upset you, you had a bad day at work or a disappointment?

Once you have established the reason, you can take steps to prevent it happening again or if it does, to slow it down.

If you have been dieting too strictly, review your daily allowance. It is counter-productive to starve yourself, as even if you manage to resist future binges, you could lower your basal metabolic rate and thus be unable to lose weight.

A better way to diet is to eat little but often as this will keep your blood sugar levels stable. You can also allow yourself to have occasional treats, so that you don’t binge because of deprivation. It is possible to enjoy a tasty diet and lose weight at the same time. It’s just a matter of finding some good recipes.

If the reason for your binge is emotional, you need to be aware of the triggers and consciously decide that you will do something else when they strike. Find someone to talk to or an activity which you find comforting, but which doesn’t involve food. You could also consider EFT to stop binge eating, a form of acupuncture without needles, which has reported much success with weight loss and associated problems.

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Hoodia Gordonii Helps You Lose Weight

Hoodia supplements were just introduced to the U.S. market in early 2004.

Here are some key points about hoodia that you need to know:

Hoodia gordonii looks like a cactus, but it's actually a succulent from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. Bushmen from the area have been using hoodia for centuries to help ward off hunger during long trips in the desert.

Hoodia gordonii is entirely natural -- it is not a drug. Pharmaceutical companies find it so promising, however, that they are trying to isolate the appetite-suppressing molecule, P57, to create a patented diet drug in the future.

Only the gordonii variation of hoodia has appetite suppressant abilities.

Hoodia tricks the brain into thinking you've eaten, and makes you feel full.

Hoodia may work right away, or may take several weeks.

Key results of hoodia reported include a reduced interest in food, delay in the time after eating before hunger sets in again, feeling full more quickly, and a general feeling of well-being

Hoodia gordonii is not a stimulant, and has no known side effects.

Hoodia appears to be safe for most people.

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You Have To Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight and Heres Why

Do you feel like you eat the ground running in the mornings? With rushing to shower, get dressed, fight traffic, and get to work, you may decide that you don’t have the time to slow down for breakfast, or at least a nutritious breakfast. You may not feel hungry early in the morning. You may feel like skipping breakfast will help you lose weight. However, what most people do not know is that skipping breakfast is bad for your health and bad for weight loss.

Eating breakfast is good for many reasons, but especially so for those trying to lose weight. The main benefit in eating breakfast is that it speeds the metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss. If your dinner time was at 6 p.m. the night before, you do not need to wait until lunch to eat making it 18 hours without a meal. That huge span of time is bad for your health.

Skipping breakfast will often make you so hungry that you will overeat at the next meal. Although it seems odd to think that you must eat in order to lose weight, studies have shown that successful weight loss is associated with those who eat breakfast rather than skipping it. Other studies also show that eating breakfast increases your ability to focus on tasks at work or school.

Eating breakfast does not necessarily mean that you have to cook a huge time consuming meal. Depending on the type of diet you are following, you can choose a quick high fiber cereal. If you are cutting carbs, you can have a high protein breakfast such as scrambled eggs and ham. Either way, you need to have vitamins and minerals in your breakfast to help your body get off to a good start each day.

Having that good start will also elevate your mood throughout the day. This can be critical if you are trying to keep a positive attitude about losing weight. By making a good choice in the morning, you will feel better and be more likely to make good choices about food throughout the day.

Make sure that the breakfast you choose is not high in sugar. Yes, the sugar will lift your energy, but it will only last a couple of hours before dropping you and making you feel as if you need to eat another sugar-packed pick-me-up snack. Although it is better to eat something, make sure the breakfast you choose is the best choice possible.

Since breakfast revs up the metabolism, it helps your body burn fat more efficiently throughout the day. For both young and old, it is important to get off to a healthy start each morning. If the body is kept running smoothly, it will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Be careful not to fall into the opposite trap of eating a huge breakfast in order to skip other meals later. If you binge at breakfast to skip lunch, you will not be allowing your body to work at its best. For a healthy, efficient metabolism, the body needs regularly spaced meals to keep the furnace burning. Whether the diet calls for 3 meals or relies on 5 or 6 small meals, breakfast is a key to starting the metabolism each day. Just remember it should not be the only meal of the day.

If you have skipped breakfast for a while, establishing the habit of eating breakfast may be difficult at first. Practice makes permanent, though, so start by making sure you eat breakfast every morning. Try to make the time to sit down at the table to eat instead of running out the door with a muffin. If you sit this time aside, you are making your diet and health a priority and putting yourself in a winning position for weight loss.

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Lose Weight by Eating the Right Carbs

In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about how carbohydrates are ‘bad’, and how the road to weight loss is low-carb eating. In fact, have you checked out the plethora of low-carb products – even whole stores – dedicated to high protein, low carbohydrate eating plans? It would be easy to conclude, given what the media and some health and diet professionals have been telling us, that carbohydrates are necessarily ‘bad’ and should be avoided.

Why, then, are grains at the top of many government eating charts (ie. they are the things we should be eating the most of, according to these charts)? Where is the misinformation? Does the government really want us to be overweight and unhealthy?

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. And contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to lose weight while still eating carbohydrates – as long as they’re the ‘right’ carbs, so to speak! If you look more carefully at those government generated charts (they are available online, too) you’ll notice that, though pasta is included in the ‘grains’ section, so are a variety of other grains. Try brown rice, for example, or try a more exotic pilaf made of kamut, wild rice of quinoa. Try oatmeal in the morning, or ‘bird’s eye’ cereal. All of these are examples of the healthiest types of grains. You should eat them on a daily basis, just as the charts suggest.

So think twice before you decide to adopt high protein eating plans such as Atkins, or the ‘induction’ stage of the South Beach diet. In fact, there are some fairly serious health problems associated with eating exclusively protein, which is what you tend to use to fill the gaps once your carbohydrate intake has been severely diminished. Animal proteins are great sources of certain nutrients, and shouldn’t be avoided altogether, unless you’re prepared to follow a very careful and strict vegan eating plan.

However, they are also high in saturated fat and cholesterol – or they can be, at any rate. It is very important that you take that into account before adopting a diet such as Atkins. It is doubly important if you are already at risk for heart disease, or if there is heart disease in your family (as these things tend to have a hereditary element to them much of the time). Think again about having your diet consist predominantly of proteins, particularly animal proteins.

The ‘right’ carbohydrates can actually help you lose weight by ‘sweeping’ fat from your system. This occurs if the carbohydrates you are eating are high in fiber. If they are natural whole grains, they most likely will be.

The current prejudice against carbohydrates, therefore, is entirely unjustified. They can and should be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet. In fact, you can even eat bread and past. There are several whole wheat pastas that are widely available today – even from regular grocery stores, as these are major brands. You need to cook them a little longer than you cook white pasta, and the taste may take a little getting used to, but ultimately, many people end up preferring whole grain pasta. The same goes for brown rice, as opposed to white.

It’s true that we started out as hunters and gatherers, and that meat, fish, and wild fruits and vegetables characterized the early human’s diet. Nevertheless, we have had agriculture for at least six thousand years now – and even before that, humans must have eaten some natural forms of grain, because otherwise, how would we know to grow them once agriculture was developed? The formation of our molars are also indicative of the ‘grinding’ type of chewing that is necessary for chewing whole grains. The implication is clear – humans are meant to eat carbohydrates! Virtually every great culinary tradition has a type of grain that takes a central role, be it bread or pasta or rice.

Though it may help you lose weight in the short term, therefore, in the long run, there is nothing to be achieved by cutting out carbohydrates. We can never really cut out carbs completely; they are a vital part of the human diet, and always will be, in all probability. The trick is to find out which carbohydrates are the most beneficial, and concentrate on those.

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A No-Diet Approach

It does not matter if you want to shed two pounds or twenty pounds or even more than that, the unchanged straightforward laws of physics establish the fact whether you can or you cannot lose weight and if you do lose weight how quick you will lose those extra pounds. Recollecting these simple and uncomplicated guiding principles and working to put them into practice will definitely help you shed the fat which you have been hating everyday without any help of numerous diet plans books and other inventions. It is simple enough if you can understand that our weight depends on how much food we consume everyday and how much do we actually burn into energy.

Energy is calculated in calories. When your weight remains steady, you are most likely consuming equivalent quantity of calories that you spend as energy every day. If you're gradually increasing some weight sooner or later, it is probable that the food you eat everyday has more number of calories than the amount of calories you discard through your daily activities.The Fat Loss 4 Idiots
system allows you to eat enough food to speed up your metabolism without cutting foods out of your life.

Every person is in command of the quantity of food he or she munches through every day, so we can control the intake of calories to some extent. To an extent, we can also be in charge of our spending of energy, or the amount of calories we discard each day. The amount of calories we discard each day is reliant upon:

The basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is equivalent to the amount of calories we discard per hour, merely by being able to breathe normally and preserving body functions,

Plus our intensity of physical activities. For example exercise and stuff like that.

For a number of people, owing to hereditary (inherited) issues or other circumstances, this quiescent metabolic rate could be somewhat higher or lower than the average rate. Our weight too performs a role in being influential to the amount of calories we burn when we are at rest - additional calories are a requisite to sustain your body in its current condition. A person weighing 150 pounds needs a lesser amount of food or calories to maintain the same mass in his body than an individual who weighs 300 pounds.

The way of life, occupation habits and routines to a degree decide the amount of calories we need every day. A person whose work necessitate intense physical labor will of course burn a lot more calories in a single day than a person whose job requires him to sit in a single place and do work the entire day without much physical movement. People having jobs requiring intense physical work, when additionally do even more work just for the sake of exercising burn a lot more fats. On an average a healthy woman between the ages 31-50 who has a sedentary way of life requires about 1800 calories each day just to maintain herself with an average figure whereas a man with the same specifications needs about 2200 calories.

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Twelve Ways to Lose Weight

There are plenty of ways for you to lose weight. This article will give you 12 of the ways that you can do to fight obesity or overweight.

-It not that easy to lose weight but you can start by taking one step at a time. You would start by giving attention to what you eat. You have to reduce or avoid fat and sweets and eat more fruits and vegetables. After you have your eating habits under control, you can start adding exercise. If you are not into exercising, you can just start by spending 15 minutes of your time exercising. You have to motivate yourself that while doing exercising you can burn some calories and you are not eating, so it can aid to losing weight. In doing physical activities, make sure to do few that can make you enjoy and have fun, it can be either, swimming, biking, dancing, aerobics and a lot more.

-You can find a friend that can support you with your quest of losing weight. You have to search for a friend you want to lose weight as well; you can weigh-in together, compare notes and support each other. You can even have a contest which one will lose weight first.

-Another good way to lose weight is to use weights. Working out can help you build muscle and can increase your metabolism, so because of these, you can burn a lot more calories.

-You have to lessen carbohydrate intake. It would be better not to eat too much pastas and breads.

-Quit soda. If you drink too much soda, it is now high time for you to quit and give up soda. If you are having difficulties with quitting soda since you have been taking about 2 bottles a day, you can just simply cut back or reduce your soda intake and drink plenty of water instead.

-Setting a goal. If you truly want to lose weight, you have to set a deadline in losing weight. Like for instance, you will write down that by July 30, ’07, I will be weighing 140 lbs or less. Put this on a place where you can see it everyday, so to be determined to achieve your goal.

-Avoid purchasing junk foods. It is better to avoid and quit eating junk foods. You can do this by keeping your home junk food free.

-You have to eat breakfast. It is better to add calories early in the day. It is recommended not to eat after 8pm; this could help you avoid more calories.

-You should not eat too much and you can do this by using smaller plate. In this manner, you can trick yourself and you will not eat too much.

-If you are hungry, it is better to drink plenty of water in order to feel full.

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Developing a Proper Eating Plan

Many people begin a diet plan without knowing the proper way to eat. They may eat the right foods, but the way they eat those foods can have a positive or negate impact on weight loss. If you think you can skip meals and enhance weight loss, you will be quite disappointed with the results.

Develop an Eating Schedule

One of the key items to consistent weight loss is having a set schedule to eat your meals. Although sometimes this is difficult with the work schedules and lifestyles we lead, it's an essential part of weight loss. In fact, the schedules that most of us keep today are likely to be contributing factors to overweight-as much if not more so than the type of foods we eat. It is unnatural to expect the body to go for hours on end without food. We began life as babies eating every 3-4 hours, and it's only natural that the body should continue to expect that.

How Your Eating Schedule Affects Weight Loss

Although it is natural to think that if we eat less food we will be able to lose more weight, that is not always the case. If we eat less food, we must also eat on a regular schedule. Attempting to lose weight by eating one or two meals a day is not going to work. In fact, you will probably gain weight because your body will revert to starvation mode thus slowing down your metabolism. That means you can eat one meal a day of under 1,000 calories and still not lose weight! On the other hand, you can consume 1,200-1,500 calories per day in 3-6 meals and lose weight easily.

Many people claim if they eat breakfast or eat three meals a day they will gain weight, but it's not in the fact that they are eating three meals per day but in the food they are eating during those meals. Nothing says you have to eat three course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you do need to eat at least three meals daily. Even if you eat some fruit and whole grain cereal with skim milk for breakfast and a garden salad with low calorie dressing for lunch, you are eating healthy while staying on schedule. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan proves all the above points I've made. You can eat alot and lose weight.

Avoid Eating on the Run

Our fast lifestyles today are forcing many of us to grab something quick and eat at our desks or in the car. In many cases that means we are not eating meals that are healthy nor are we allowing ourselves to take the time to sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal. Eating a piece a fruit while in the car may not hurt too much but that piece of fruit will eventually turn into a high calorie pastry for breakfast and a fast food trip for lunch to save time. We have to slow down and take the time to eat our food so that the body can digest it properly. If your schedule is so hectic that you don't have time for breakfast and lunch, it's time to slow down before it takes a toll on your health in ways other than those that affect your waistline.

Do Not Eat Too Close to Bedtime

Another mistake many of us make with our fast-paced lifestyles is eating a complete dinner late at night. There may be occasions when it can not be avoided, but for the most part, you want to have your evening meal at least four hours before you retire for the night. If you work late, you may want to reverse your eating schedule so that you have your heavy meal for lunch and eat a light dinner.

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4 Easy Ways To Start Losing Weight Today

Easy ways to lose weight are not as hard to come by as you may first think. Losing weight efficiently is equal parts common sense and effort. You'll find that you only need to make small changes in your life to see big returns in the long term. Read on to find some easy ways to lose weight.


One of the real easy ways to lose weight is to think about what you are eating. 90% of what we eat we do through habit. If you can make some small adjustments, you can really see the benefit. Switch to diet soda or even water, and you'll be surprised how many calories you cut down on. Why not switch from regular pasta to wholegrain? While you are there why not reduce your pasta portion by a 3rd? After a few weeks a small change like this will lose you pounds - told you it was one of the easy ways to lose weight!


Get to know your food labels. Start checking out the labels before you eat the food. Even though you may think you can guess how healthy something is just by what kind of food it is etc, you'll still be surprised. Some so called "healthy" or "diet" meals contain so much fat and sugar etc that you may as well just go to your local golden arches. Reading the labels can help you avoid the real bad stuff and find the true healthy stuff.


Contrary to popular belief, a diet is NOT one of the "easy" ways to lose weight. Making a concerted effort to get slimmer by temporarily altering the way you eat may work in the short term, but unless you can make fundamental changes to make yourself healthier, the benefits will really only be short term. To make it longer term, find healthier options or alternatives to your favourite meals.


Another seriously easy way to lose weight is to inject some exercise into your day. The old cliché is to take the stairs instead of the elevator, but why not step it up and make yourself take a long walk during your lunch hour? Kill 2 birds with one stone by making yourself a healthy packed lunch, and eating it as you walk around. This is a perfect way to lose weight and get healthy without taking extra time from your day.

Easy ways to lose weight are a lot easier to come by than you may first have thought. Hopefully this article will help you lose weight.

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Healthy Eating With Tasty Foods and Still Lose Weight

It seems as if people do not eat healthy foods because they feel it will not taste as good as regular foods. However, if your health food doesn't taste good, you're eating the wrong health food. Just because something is good for you doesn't mean it has to taste bland. Nor does the food you consume have to be boring either. There are plenty of ideas out there for eating healthy without making sacrifices on taste Here are just a few of them.

New alternatives to eating healthy foods: While the health food market has changed in recent years, many new products and healthy alternatives are now available. Next time you're at a health food store, look around at all the different options. There are healthier versions of previously unhealthy foods. Try them; you might be pleasantly surprised with the taste.

Prepare your own food: While it is easy to buy frozen foods and use the microwave to fix dinner, the problem is that convenient isn't necessarily healthy, and the foods that are marketed as such usually do not taste so great. Preparing your own food allows you to not only eat healthier, but to maintain and control the flavor as well. If time is not on your side to prepare home cooked meals, you can use a Saturday to cook several meals for the following week. In this way, you will have an entire prepared; all you have to do is take it out the night before, place it in the refrigerator and prepare it when you get home. More importantly, you will have a meal deplete of blandness and questionable texture. Spice up your cooking: Good food doesn't have to be bland. Add different herbs and spices like Rachel Ray does with her meals. A great way to add taste without adding a lot of fat or calories is to add more spices. Check out the Food TV site and click on Rachel Ray's prepared meals. The spices she uses may be sitting in your cabinet. The meals she prepares are always changed by using a different array of spices. Give it a try!

Fruit can be just as sweet: Fruit is a great way to get your fix without binging on candy and chocolate. Instead of your normal afternoon snack, try an apple or fruit of your choice which you can easily toss in your purse. At dinner, add fruit as a dessert, side dish, or even put some into the main course. Fruit gives you lots of vitamins and minerals and it satisfies your need for sweets. Another great idea is to juice various vegetables and then add fruit to flavor. You'll be getting the added benefit of vegetables with the taste of fruit juice. It's quite delicious!

Dieting and foods are not synonymous with bad tastes. You can prepare food which is not only good and tastes great, but with a little ingenuity and a few recipes; you can enrich your diet regimen and ultimately lose weight at the same time.

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How To Lose Weight Without Losing Money

If you are overweight, you have a lot of energy stored within your body. This is because fat comprises of maximum number of chemical bonds, and these chemical bonds store chemical energy in them. If you want to lose weight, you'll have to find some ways to utilize this stored energy in a productive manner.

Burn more calories

You will lose weight if you burn more calories than what you take in. So you should either eat lesser calories, or work out more. I suggest you to do both.

Watch what you eat

It is not the quantity of food that increases your weight, but the type of food that you consume. For example, if you eat raw food, even in a large quantity, you won't get fat. So you can eat all kinds of fruits, salad, sprouts, and raw vegetables as much as you want. So, there is no need for you to remain hungry while trying to lose weight.

Go vegetarian

Even if you do not want to turn into a completely raw food vegetarian, you can still lose weight by becoming a regular vegetarian. Meat contains a lot of fat; so to lose weight, you'll have to lose the craving for meat.

Stay away from Sweet temptation

Skipping desserts is another good way to reduce weight. Whenever I need to lose some weight, I simply drop dessert. Doing so helps me to shed at least a pound in a week's time. Replace desserts with fruits or dry fruits at the end of the meal. This even results in a self limiting effect on appetite. Use molasses or honey in place of sweets. I can easily gobble up a whole box of chocolates, but cannot even think about eating half a cup of honey.

What did you say? You want to lose weight without even giving up dessert. Well, the good news is that even this is possible. What you should do is eat the dessert before the meal. If you do this, you will end up eating less during the meal.

Practice Yoga

According to me, the best form of exercise is Yoga stretches. They are easy to follow and totally inexpensive. You will easily be able to find a beginner's class in your respective schools or colleges.


You and I both know that walking is the greatest exercise, but we tend to forget it in our day to day life. So go easy on that gas pedal and walk to the mall now onwards.

Do not be in a hurry; lose weight slowly and steadily. Crash diets often have an adverse effect and you gain back the weight faster than you had shed it. Even if you lose one pound per week, it means that you will lose over 50 pounds in an year.

Losing weight is just a matter of being determining to lose weight, knowing the right way to go about it, and following it through. I have seen many people shedding up to 70 pounds by following these simply steps. You will not only become slimmer, but the side benefits are wonderful too. You will have more energy, feel better about yourself, and lead a much longer and healthier life.

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Trying To Lose Weight, Forget About It, Unless You Stop Eating This!

I do a lot of research on health and nutrition and nothing makes me madder than the food industry intentionally, without my permission and yours, producing food that causes you and I not only to be addicted to it, but makes us fat! They do this by adding MSG to just about everything we eat!

I admire people like John Erb, who was a research assistant at the University of Ontario and wrote the book, "The Slow Poisoning of America", as one of the many people blowing the whistle on MSG. The subject of MSG is not new, but not enough attention is being paid to it and the food industry is certainly not going to tell you about it because they are making too much money from it.

MSG is so pervasive in our society that you may not be aware that you are consuming it daily. It is in processed foods, canned, frozen or boxed, restaurants and fast food chains. My husband and I were shocked to find MSG in almost all the vitamin supplements we had. Most consumers are not aware of it because we are being tricked with labeling.

MSG has many aliases. Here is a list of some of the other names for MSG:

- Monosodium glutamate, monopotassium glutamate, glutamic acid
- Anything that says hydrolyzed (such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein)
- Anything that says Autolized
- Anything that says natural flavor, or flavors, natural flavoring, flavorings
- Calcium caseinate
- Sodium caseinate
- Yeast extract
- Seasonings
- Soy protein, wheat protein, whey protein, anything fortified protein
- Textured protein
- Carrageenan
- Gelatin
- Soy sauce
- Bouillon, pork, chicken, beef
- Barley malt, malt extract, maltodextrin
- Enzymes
- Corn syrup, corn starch, dextrose
- Citric acid

You may be asking how it is possible that MSG can come under so many different names. The FDA has stated that if you use MSG in a product it must be labeled that way. If you use for example; hydrolyzed vegetable protein (which has MSG in it) it must be labeled by its common name and not MSG. This is the loophole the food industry uses to hide the word MSG.

Studies done over the last 30 years on rats have consistently shown that MSG makes them fat. Rats are not naturally fat so it has to be created. The studies done showed up to a 40% increase in appetite in the rats fed with MSG.

It works like this. Your tongue has receptors to detect sugars, carbohydrates, fats and protein, and it is used to determine if actual food is in your mouth. The food industry has figured out that MSG fools the taste receptors into thinking it is going to be receiving protein or sugars etc, so now your pancreas now goes into action releasing insulin to do its job. Within half an hour to an hour you have a blood sugar drop and you want to eat again. So you eat more food with MSG and you continue this circuit over and over again. And don't forget to check your diet foods, which are usually loaded with MSG.

True weight loss is achieved by the few who have true stamina and will power because for the rest of us, well, the odds are stacked against us. The food industry wants you to buy their food and keep you addicted and keep you gaining weight because now companies can jump on the band wagon and get you buying prescription drugs. Is there MSG in the diet and prescription pills? The odds are very high that this is the case. This is why I stress the facts of eating plenty of healthy foods in ones weight loss plan. I feel Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the best plan out there that just teaches a correct approach to weight loss by eating.My advice is to give Fat Loss 4 Idiots a look and prove to yourself that safe and rapid fat burning is possible without dieting.

If you have struggled with weight and health issues without success, don't just give up hope yet. Education is the key. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with this information. For my husband and I, we have given up MSG and we eat organic. I have lost 20 lbs to date and feel great. There are some reputable companies that produce superior products without MSG and pesticides and it is worth seeking them out and supporting their efforts while getting you and your family healthy.


20 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Take it one step at a time

Start by paying attention to what you eat. Cut back on fat and sweets and add more fruit and vegetables. After you have that under control, add exercise. If you hate to exercise try it for only 15 minutes a day at first, then a 1/2-hour. Keep in mind that while you are exercising you are burning calories and not eating. Also, it will be easier if you chose an activity that you enjoy.

2. Find a friend

It is always good to have support when you are trying to lose weight. Find a friend who wants to lose weight and compare notes, weigh-in together and maybe even have a contest.

3. Use weights

Working out weights will build muscle and raise your metabolism so you will burn more calories. Also, muscle takes up less space than fat so you will be smaller ( but probably weigh more).

4. Eat fewer carbs

Don't eat as much bread and pasta and you will see a difference.

5. Set a goal

Set a deadline to lose the weight and write it down. For example, ' By Dec 14/04 I will weigh 150 lbs or less'. Put it somewhere you will see it daily.

6. Give up soda

If you drink a soda or 2 a day you are adding empty calories. If you find it hard to stop completely, cut back at first and drink water instead.

7. Grill or boil

Avoid fried meat, grill and use lots of spices. You will get used to it and probably enjoy it more.

8. Don't buy junk food

When you go shopping, don't go on an empty stomach and you will be less likely to buy junk food. Keep your home 'junk food free' so you won't be tempted to indulge.

9. Eat breakfast

Consume most of your calories early in the day and always eat breakfast. Don't eat after 8pm and not only will you avoid those added calories but you will sleep better.

10. Give yourself a treat

When you tell yourself that you can't have something you want it more. Give yourself a treat once a day ( ie. half a cookie) and you won't feel you are missing out.

11. Use smaller plates

Trick yourself into believing that you are eating more by using a smaller plate.

12. Drink lots of water

Drink water when you are feeling hungry and you will get that 'full' feeling.

13. Don't eat everything on your plate

Many times we eat just because it's there. Pay attention to when you have had enough.

14. Eat five or six meals a day

Eating more frequently will keep you from getting too hungry.

15. Plan your workout sessions

Write your workout sessions in your journal or planner.

16. Stay away from fad diets

Fad diets don't work. If you lose weight fast chances are that you will gain it back ( and more) just as fast. It takes time to put it on and time to take it off.

17. Do several workouts a day

While you are watching TV do crunches and leg lifts.

18. Measure your food

If you decide to have junk food for a snack - be sure to measure and control what you eat.

19. Keep pre-cut vegetables

...and ward off those cravings.

20. Create Good Habits

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Learn What To Eat To Lose Weight Properly And Avoid Over-Eating

There are plenty of books to advise you on what to eat to lose weight. All anybody needs to know is what to eat to lose weight. Are you confused by all of the conflicting information in the media about what to eat to lose weight and keep it off for good.

The first, and best, thing to do is to talk with your health care provider about your weight. Obesity, or being overweight, can result in premature death and can contribute to many problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, breathing problems, arthritis, and problems with pregnancy, labor and delivery. A simple change in your eating habits, as suggested previously, will go a long way into helping you lose the weight you want to lose or live the healthier life you are striving for.

One of the best ways to learn what you should eat every day on a fat loss diet is to identify which foods you shouldn't eat on a fat loss diet. But, over the years nutrition experts have steadfastly maintained that healthy weight management through diet is a matter of restricting calories, controlling portion size and balancing food groups. When done properly, a vegetarian diet will increase your energy, improve your health, and enhance all of your fitness goals.Fat Loss 4 Idiots points you in the right direction by allowing you to shift your calories. Thats a plan that shows you how to eat properly.

Since we need to eat the same volume of food to feel satisfied, we must choose our foods so that we can eat the most amount for the least calories. Another option for keeping evening calorie consumption in check: Eat more at breakfast and lunch and choose a diet shake and salad for dinner instead of a full meal, always working within your calorie allowance. Limiting dinner to 4 to 5 ounces of cooked poultry, seafood, or lean meat; a medium baked or sweet potato or a 1/2-cup cooked rice or pasta; and a cup of cooked broccoli or other vegetable seems a sensible way of getting nutrients without excess calories.

When you know which products contains a high concentration of nutritious components and low calories you also know what to eat to lose weight and gain a healthy body.

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Lose Weight Faster With Metabolism Boosting Foods

You may or may not be aware that your metabolism plays a significant role in the amount of body fat you carry. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn. The slower your metabolism, the more fat you lug around with you each day. Although there are several effective methods you can use to increase metabolism, right now we are going to focus on foods that speed up your metabolism.

How can the food you eat affect how much fat you burn?

Any food you eat requires energy to be digested. The act of digesting foods causes calories to be burned. The difference being, that some foods require more energy than others to be digested. Most people consume meals that contain many more calories than are required by the body to digest and be used. This is the primary reason for weight gain.

However, it's just as easy to turn this around and begin to burn more calories than you consume, which will result in weight loss. So, how does this work? In order to reverse this energy inequality that most of overweight people struggle with, you must eat foods that speed up your metabolism.

So which foods should you eat?

Foods that speed up your metabolism can't contain many calories but must require a greater amount of calories to digest. These foods include complex carbohydrates and clean sources of protein. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Fruits - Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, apples, and pears are all good fruit choices.

Vegetables - Chilies, potatoes (plain and sweet), cabbage, celery, spinach and broccoli are great vegetables that are high in nutrition and low in caloric value.

Protein - Egg whites, skinless chicken breast, salmon and whey protein powder are the cleanest sources of protein you can choose.

Other foods - Fat free, plain yogurt, steel cut oats and broth based soups are also foods that speed up your metabolism.

Water and green tea should also be on your list. They are not foods, but they will assist your body in digesting your food properly and help get the nutrients to the cells of your body.

This is just a partial list of the foods that speed up your metabolism. The key is not to add fat or sugar to these foods. Breading, deep frying or sugar coating any of these foods will destroy the metabolism boosting properties they contain and make them worthless for you weight loss efforts.


5 Common Weight Loss Myths Exposed

You might have tried to lose weight numerous times before, only to give up when you don't see immediate results. There are numerous myths around diets, and hopefully, we'll dispel them now!

The first myth folks surrender to is that you'll be able to reduce weight quickly by getting rid of as many calories as possible from your diet or by fasting. This is a very harmful means to do it since your body enters starvation mode, instantly halting fat loss. A lot of folks simply would like to slim down quickly for an outfit they want to fit into for a special social function coming up soon. Do not hold back till the eleventh hour to begin dieting.

A different myth we come across in our pursuit of a slenderer waist is the one that says to exclusively consume a single type of food all day, day-after-day. Grapefruit, pepper-laden water, and even hotdog dieting crazes have led to several bouts of overeating in the past. Embarking on reckless diet crazes means your system isn't obtaining the requisite nutrition it demands to combat sicknesses and remain in good health.

You might have likewise heard that you will be never be able to deviate from your diet plan. Whenever you do, you will be forced to work out for a long time in order to compensate for it. This is not correct. It is all right to eat that dessert occasionally. You simply must correct your calorie consumption for that day. There is actually no need for hours of working out simply to correct for one tiny dessert.

One myth you might have picked up is the one that alleges you can not snack prior to going to sleep, because you will get fat in your sleep. This one is not correct since a diet plan simply signifies that you are eating healthy and keeping an eye on your caloric intake for the day. Consuming a light snack prior to bed Is not going to make a big difference unless it is a full meal or a whole chocolate cake.

How about the one that alleges you can not snack between meals? It is more beneficial to eat snacks. Eat littler meals during the day in order to keep your hunger satisfied. By doing away with snacks between meals, you are simply going to make yourself hungrier at meal times, which makes you to eat a great deal more than you actually must simply to fulfill your craving.

Try not to fall victim to the countless dieting myths circling the internet. A levelheaded balance of correct eating (almost all of the time) and working out can skyrocket your dieting success!

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Eating Fibre - Prevents Disease and Helps You Lose Weight Naturally!

Fad diets come and go, but the importance of a well-balanced diet is universally accepted and that includes eating lots of fibre.

Eating fibre is essential for good health and reduced risk of several diseases, eating fibre is also seen as a major contribution to long term weight loss.

Let’s look at why fibre is so important to a well balanced diet.

Medical evidence supporting the eating of fibre Unlike on many many fad diets where medical opinion is split,is universal in its acceptance that eating fibre is beneficial to overall health.

What is dietary fibre?

Dietary fibre is found only in plants and is a food that is not digested or absorbed into the body and contributes to positive physiological functions.

Two types of fibre: Soluble and Insoluble

When eating fibre it is classified as "soluble" or "insoluble". This refers to whether the fibre dissolves in hot water and helps to explain the different actions of the two types of fibre in the body.

The largest amount of fibre in our diet is insoluble fibre and provides texture to fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Insoluble fibre binds water in the intestine and increases the volume of waste materials. The end result is more frequent and softer bowel motions and less risk of constipation. Soluble fibre is found in all fruits, some cereals and in legumes and acts as a thickening agent in food.

The combined action of eating fibre that is both soluble and insoluble is important in helping to maintain a healthy bacteria in our large intestines.

Fibre in the large intestine acts as a source of energy for these bacteria to use. Fermentation of fibre in the large intestine helps promote the growth of more lactic-acid producing bacteria.

A predominance of lactic acid helps produce bacteria which helps to prevent the accumulation of toxic and pathogenic bacteria which can cause disease.

Eating fibre and losing weight

Eating fiber foods to help keep things moving through the bowel, fiber rich foods bulk you up and make you feel full, as our bodies are unable to digest it so it’s eliminated.

In the process it cuts calories by attaching to some of the protein and fat that you eat along with it and eliminating them.

Fiber foods are low calorie and filling so eating more of them means you’re eating fewer calories overall.

Eating Fibre gives 4 major general health benefits

Eating fibre helps prevent coronary heart disease

Which is a major killer in many western countries. Dietary fibre, particularly soluble fibre, helps lower blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Eating fibre Inhibits the absorption of dietary cholesterol and increases the release of bile acids into the intestine.

Colorectal cancer

Various medical research has shown a reduced risk with higher consumption.

Cholesterol & Blood glucose

When eating fibre that is soluble, it attracts fatty substances in the intestines helping to prevent their absorption by the body helping to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Eating fibre also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and Stabilizes blood glucose levels, especially in diabetic individuals.


Eating fibre requires more chewing and increases the amount of saliva in the mouth this helps.

Protect against dental cavities and keeps gums healthy.

How Much Fibre?

Most health organizations agree that adults should consume between 20 and 35 grams of dietary fibre a day.

Eat 4 -5 portions a day and you will help yourself lose weight naturally as part of a balanced diet and protect yourself against disease, so increase your fibre intake today!

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Eat These Foods To Help You Lose Weight Fast!

Are there foods to eat that actually burn fat if you eat them? The answer is YES.

These foods can be incorporated any diet. should make them an essential part of your dietary regime.

What then are “far burning foods”? Basically, fat burning foods are foods that burn more calories than the caloric content of the foods itself.

Every farmer knows (that raises pigs) that there are certain foods which actually burn more fat than the caloric content of the food itself, so they avoid feeding these foods to their animals (which are sold by weight!).

These fat burning foods or so called negative calorie foods are natural plant foods, and also certain dairy items.

The fat burners then fall into three basic groups:
1. The Citrus group
2. The Cellulose-rich Vegetables and Fruits group
3. The Dairy group

The Citrus Group includes:
• Limes
• Lemons
• Grapefruit
• Tangerines
• Oranges
• Kiwi (not a citrus but extra-rich in Vitamin C, thus a fat burner)

The Cellulose-rich Vegetables and Fruits group includes:
• watermelon
• cabbage
• asparagus
• carrot
• beet root
• broccoli
• apple
• blueberries

The Dairy group includes:
• Non-fat milk
• Low-fat yogurt
• White (fresh) cheese

A word must be mentioned about the fat-burning capacity of dairy foods.

It is now proven clinically that calcium-rich foods (especially dairy foods) assist weight loss by increasing fat breakdown in fat cells themselves.

This means that the non-fatty dairy foods are fat burners and should be included in any diet. Also the studies showed that it is not only the calcium (for example, taken as supplements), as the dairy products far out-performed simple supplements in weight loss controlled experiments.

It must also be mentioned that eating the above fat burners will help lose weight but you need to add some mild daily exercise. This can be in the form of walking or running, but it must be daily and for periods of no less than 20 to 30 minutes. The pulse-rate must climb to near 100 beats per minute, and a light sweat should appear to indicate you are helping your metabolism turn back on. The foods also will have a most positive effect on this increased metabolism.

Another interesting fact is that by eating these foods and daily exercising your body will continue to burn fat even after the exercise is completed. It also has a cumulative effect.

It must also be remembered that a strict rule of diet (and physics) is that you do not lose weight unless YOU BURN (USE) MORE CALORIES THAN YOU CONSUME. So, the logic and practical application of eating the fat-burning foods, and waking up the body by exercise, hold true.

You also do not have to count calories, as you be able to understand if you are negative calories (consumed) or positive calories (consumed) by simple weighing yourself daily.

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How To Lose Weight - Five Tips

To lose weight is definitely not easy. All around us are articles and interviews of people that have lost weight due to a "magical" dieting system or program. Remember, losing weight should be fun and rewarding.

Here are five tips on how to lose weight:

1. Drink a lot of water! You should be drinking at least half a gallon of water everyday. When you are trying to lose weight, the body needs water to filter out all the toxic material. Also, your body needs water to function properly, whether or not you're trying to lose weight.

2. Find a diet that suits your needs! One of the most important things when trying to lose weight is to find a diet that works for you. You should not be hungry or have a need for food all through out the day. If you do, you will not be successful in the long run.

3. Eat between meals! You should be eating at least six times a day. Traditionally, people eat three times a day, that is not recommended when trying to lose weight. For that matter, you should always try to eat six times a day. You will feel better, and your body will be able to lose weight faster. Also, eat healthy between the major meals. Cottage cheese and broccoli are great sources of nutrients and other things your body needs.

4. Eat a lot of protein! Research has shown that eating a lot of protein is good for losing weight. It doesn't matter if you're overweight or not, a high protein diet will make you feel and look a lot better. In some cases, a protein powder can be beneficial, however, you should be careful not to eat protein powder that contain low levels of protein. Always make sure that the protein powder you are consuming contain high levels of protein. The point of all this is to lose weight, not muscle mass, right?

5. Exercise! You do not need to exercise to lose weight, however, it speeds up the process immensely. Remember, it's all about burning more calories than you eat. So, if you exercise, you can eat more. You do not have to run 10 miles everyday, do something that you like. It can be things like walking, playing golf, playing tennis or whatever your hobbies are, as long as you are "moving". Low intensity workouts burn energy from your fat cells, while high intensity workouts burn energy from carbohydrates, i.e. food.

Finally, be smart and use common sense. Try to make it as fun as possible, that way, you will stick with it and not quit.

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Lose Weight Naturally with These Three Easy Steps

Obesity is a national problem. There are many methods for losing weight and getting fit, you see them on the television and online constantly. Some of them work well, while others are simply another gimmick. Although weight loss programs are very often helpful to folks needing to take off pounds, there are three simple steps that anyone can start today to lose weight.

Everyone knows that there's really only three basic ways to lose weight: eat less, change your eating habits, and exercise. The question is how exactly to start making these changes. Figure that one out and you'll lose weight naturally. Let's begin by looking at each step.

1) Eat Less. Easier said than done you say. For most folks, this is the most difficult of the three steps for losing weight. It can be easier than you think however. How many imaginative ways can you think of to eat less?

Eat from a smaller plate and trick your brain into thinking you're more food. There's always the multiple small bowls trick--put each food item into a small dish and display them all nicely in front of you so you think you're getting a potluck dinner.

2) Change your eating habits. Here's where the really big payoff begins. Begin with a small change and move on from there. Try to pick something easy to begin with. Maybe you're not that fond of chips and wouldn't mind too much if you stop including them in your daily diet. Start there and move forward.

Another way to change your eating habits is to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to eat as close to the earth as possible. What exactly does that mean? It means that whatever you eat should be as close to its original form as possible, and preferably organically grown.

For example, instead of choosing a boxed rice mix, make brown rice with olive oil and sea salt for seasoning. You'll be amazed at how much better it tastes, and you'll be cutting out a lot of salt, preservatives, calories, and chemicals in the process.

Cutting out the color white from your diet is a big help as well. In other words, avoid white bread, white rice, bleached wheat products, donuts--you get the idea. These are all loaded with calories and minus nutrients. That equals a big fat (insert your own personal fat zone here).

3) Exercise. Oh don't whine. You don't have to train for a marathon or work out for hours a day to begin to see results from moving more. Start where you are and move forward.

Is it hard for you to walk around the block? Then start there and gradually work up to walking for 30 minutes a day. Other simple ways to move more include taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, parking further from your destination instead of in front of it, and playing with your kids outside (which would be good for everyone).

Don't stop with these suggestions, get your creative juices flowing. Remember, you only have to do three easy steps to lose weight naturally.

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How To Lose Weight? - Eat Fruit

Personally I love fruit you have them in all kind of variations and tastes.
You can eat them whenever you want or make a salad from it.
Fruit is also very good for your health it contains a lot of vitamins and it even can help you to lose weight. Fruit contains a lot of water and water is a very important key element in your battle against weight loss.
Of course you need to know which kind of fruit you should eat and that is where my article comes in.
I give 5 types of fruit you should eat if you are serious about losing weight.
And always eat fruit at an empty stomach
And remember even if you aren’t over weighted fruit won’t hurt your body.

Benefits of fruit

- Fruit contains energy
- Fruit reduces the risk of developing cancer
- Get a lower blood pressure with eating fruit
- Potential to lower cholesterol.

Studies have shown that it is important to eat five pieces of fruit every day. With so many variations this can’t be a problem you can eat them in a yoghurt or fruit salad as well or as a juice.

Fruits to prevent being overweight

Apples: With more then 7000 sorts of apples it can’t be a problem to find the apple you like. According to a Brazilian study apples will help you to lose weight. Three hundred women were tested and those who were eating three apples a day lose more weight than those who didn’t add apples to their diet.

Apricots: Apricots found their origin in China. They have a yellow or orange colour and a lot of people are confusing it with peaches or nectarines. Apricots are an excellent health and beauty product. If you eat them you will have a lower blood pressure level.

Raisins: From Turkey to Australia you can find raisins in fact they are nothing more than dried grapes. A raisin contains vitamin a and a little bit b and they are rich in fiber. However be aware that raisins contain a lot of calories. When it comes to calories one raisin is equal to 8 fresh grapes.

Mangoes: Mangos are mainly grown in Asia but also in Mexico and in Nigeria.
But caution a mango contains urushiol and this can causes skin irritation.

Oranges: Most people who I know that are dieting are eating oranges or mandarins. Oranges contain a lot of water and Vitamin c.
One orange contains 12,5% of the daily need off fibers.

After reading this I hope you go to the kitchen or wherever you put your fruit and take one piece and I’m sure you will enjoy it. There are also a lot of cookies, pies and cakes that contains fruit but do not eat them to much.

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Lose Weight by Eating for Your Blood Type

If you have tried countless diets, jumping from one fad to another, without any real success, maybe it’s time to try something new. Consider trying to lose weight by eating for your blood type. It is a revolutionary new diet style that focuses on the biological needs of the body, rather than trying to fit everyone into the same dietary mold.

The idea behind the lose weight by eating for your blood type diet is that we are not all the same. Regular fad diets are aimed at the general population, but each person is different. Peter D´Adamo, the founder of this diet, discovered that different blood types need different metabolic stimulation and that certain foods can even act as poisons to certain blood types, causing health problems and obesity.

There are four basic blood types. You need to know yours before you lose weight by eating for your blood type. The types are A, B, O, and AB. These four types determine which style of diet you should be following. Peter D`Adamo outlines all the information in his book “Eat Right For Your Blood Type”, but you can also find blood type recipes online, to supplement his book.

The basic idea of lose weight by eating for your blood type is that each type of blood has its own special antigen marker. These markers react to certain foods which they consider to be “alien” or dangerous. While reacting to certain foods, the antigens cause problems within the body, similar to an allergy. According to D´Adamo, our acidity levels in the stomach as well as digestive enzymes are all influenced by blood type.

This leads to the conclusion that certain foods will sit better with certain people whose blood types allow for safe passage of these foods. To lose weight by eating for your blood type, you need to follow the dietary list. The foods on the list for your blood type will allow your body to function at its maximum potential, digesting rapidly and efficiently and helping you to lose weight.

So, how did the blood type food lists develop? Apparently, if we eat what our ancient ancestors were eating at the point that our blood type was discovered, this is the secret as to how to lose weight by eating for your blood type. A slightly far-fetched theory that many people are convinced works.

For example, since O was apparently the first blood type discovered, way back in the very beginning, these people should eat what hunter-gatherers ate. That is, a high-protein diet since the cave men basically ate meat all the time, supplemented with vegetables, root ones in particular.

Blood type A is meant to eat a vegetarian diet since when this type was discovered, our ancestors had evolved into farmers. A vegetarian diet is well-known for helping people lose weight.

The third blood type to be discovered was B, around the time of nomadic wanderings This means that Type B´s can eat a widely varied diet, with meat, fruit and vegetables of all types.

The final blood type in our lose weight by eating for your blood type list was AB. This apparently evolved far more recently and logically, means that anyone with this blood type can eat whatever A and B blood types eat!

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Eat Slowly

You have started a new diet and you realise that it is time to get that weight under control. You know it is hard but you are determined to try. But you still love your food and cannot control the urge to eat as fast as ever. You will fail if do not change this habit. Eat slowly.

Thin people eat slowly in general. It takes anything up to 20 minutes for the brain to recognize the feeling of satiation after eating before your body is cognizant of this fact. This means that when your stomach is full, your brain has not yet told you about this fact. You will continue to eat which is not only a bad habit but is also likely to see you consume an extra 100 to 200 calories per meal. That is not a good habit to continue.

You can still enjoy eating. Take the time you need to fully enjoy and eat your food. Try to eat things that have a wholesome flavour or interesting textures, looks and smells. Food can be exciting if you want it to be. Then you enjoy the process of eating rather than the quick satiety you previously desired. Before long you will become accustomed to this new way of thinking and, therefore, the new way of eating.

There are ways you can eat more slowly. First, tell yourself you are going to do it. Make the effort and don't expect to finish before others. Chat and talk while you are eating. Chew your food for longer and put your knife and fork down whilst your are chewing. Eats slowly, lose weight more quickly.

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Protein - Eat It and Lose Weight Fast!

It provides an immediate satiety factor and because it keeps you full for longer periods.

It also balances out carbs by preventing insulin spikes that lead to a drain of energy and cravings for sugar.

Protein helps maintain muscle mass which is a very important part in the fat burning process.

Lose weight and feel healthier

A diet based on increased, levels of protein has been shown in a number of studies to give an added boost to dieters. By helping them increase weight loss, increase loss of body fat, and reduce the loss of muscle tissue.

Most experts recommend a diet containing 25 - 35 percent protein for weight loss and between 20 - 25 percent protein for weight maintenance.

In the above cases, the protein consumed should be high quality protein.

Evidence as to why protein curbs hunger

An experiment found that feeding rats a high protein diet increased the activity of genes involved in glucose production in the animal's small intestine.

The consequence of this led to increased glucose production, which was detected by the liver, and relayed to the brain, causing the rats to cut their food intake.

So lets look at some great quality proteins, that if eaten will make you healthier, more energetic and help you lose weight.

Chicken and turkey

These are excellent their low in fat (without the skins) and you can roast, broil, grill, or sauté them

One word of caution: If you’re buying ground turkey or chicken make sure its breast meat. Most ground turkey or chicken contains dark meat and skins and other stuff as filler, which is certainly not quality meat!

Fish and shellfish

You have a huge variety to choose from here.

In fish you have salmon, tuna, cod, haddock, halibut, sea bass, snapper, herring, mackerel, sardines and swordfish.

In shellfish crab and lobster are good choices.

You can’t go wrong with these foods, just be careful on the sauce and don’t fry them.

Red meat

Yes you can eat red meat!

Contrary to belief it’s not all full of cholesterol. You can have lean meat which is only about 7% fat.

Choose the round cut, top sirloin, shank, round flank or chuck for meat low in saturated fat.

Low fat cottage cheese

Of all the protein foods this is one of the best and you don’t even have to cook it, it’s a tasty quick snack whenever you feel hungry.

Egg whites

Packed with protein, low in calories and containing no cholesterol another great quality protein choice.

Just make sure the egg is well cooked to kill salmonella bacteria.

A word of warning

Yes quality protein is good for you, but don’t go over the recommended proportion in your diet i.e. 35% maximum.

You still need fat and carbohydrates for a balanced diet! I advise people to look into the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program because you'll learn the way to eat for permanent fat loss. No wonder why it's so popular.

Diet at the end of the day is all about balance and it’s the balance of the food and the quality you eat, which is reflected in your weight and overall health.

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